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Your Partner for Drug and Medical Device R&D Solutions

The life sciences industry presently undergoes profound changes due to a shifting business environment including stricter health care cost control measures, increased regulation and reduced market exclusivity.

Among other formidable challenges, important R&D issues need to be addressed while transforming the overall business, e.g.

  • perceived incremental innovation with moderate patient benefit at increasing cost
  • inefficient and lengthy R&D processes
  • existing communication barriers across the life science industry.


is an independent consultancy and project management organisation based in Norderstedt (Hamburg area), Germany, which operates worldwide.

We provide scientific analysis and strategic advice in discovery/design and preclinical R&D phases. Leveraging our industry-bridging technical competence, we work with selected technology partners to deliver quality-controlled project data, thus minimizing overhead and achieving added value for our clients.

As we listen to clients in BioPharma and MedTech, we map out strategies to

  • augment innovation in healthcare by integrating science aspects from different sectors, such as biomaterial, nanotech and life sciences
  • identify and manage cost-effective outsourcing opportunities
  • evaluate cutting-edge technologies and services
  • mediate and manage partnering and risk-sharing.

It takes highly trained, experienced personnel capable of thinking, communicating and implementing across the various R&D functions and boundaries of the industry to be successful in a highly complex and competitive environment.

Let us support you to achieve your goals.
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